At Do More Less, we’re dedicated to living life to the fullest, while staying within our means and the means of the planet. We’re always looking for ways to do more with less, for less, and with less impact. And we’ll share with you what we’ve learned along the way.

Using your resources efficiently requires planning. To that end, we provide guides, ideas, and checklists that have helped us achieve our goals. You can get our best templates for free by subscribing to our newsletter or purchase print versions on Amazon.

Who We Are

Do More Less was founded by Tina Sieber. Originally a biologist, Tina entered online publishing in 2006 and left the life sciences in 2010. Working online meant she had free reign over her time and location.

While making a living at MakeUseOf, Digital Trends, SoundGuys, and other outlets, Tina studied sustainability in Sweden, immigrated to Canada, taught project management, and never stopped exploring. During her adventures, Tina learned a thing or two about productivity, failure, and living a meaningful life. Do More Less taps into those experiences.